So it is Monday morning and you take a look at your companies online profiles. You notice your facebook page has a few dozen likes and there has not been a post made in a few months. You then take a look at how your website is ranking in google and see that you have gradually slipped into the abyss of the dreaded second and third page of google search results.  You realize your marketing and advertising needs a manager, someone to hold the reins and guide your companies message and brand along the path of high traffic & exposure which leads to a greater ROI on your marketing dollars. Before you decide to drop a grand or more on ads to help fill this newly needed position, consider outsourced marketing management from NMT.

Let’s face it. With the speed online and mobile changes are happening, even the sharpest young/hungry to succeed 20 something cant’t keep up on it all.  While managing content within your websites and social media, and making sure your online ads are being targeted to the correct audience and optimized to give you the best bang for your buck, your new marketing manager could find themselves in an overwhelmed and stressful position which could lead to negative overall results for your company. Don’t get me wrong, if you are looking for someone to manage ONE aspect of your online marketing, the chances that they can knock it out of the park are great. There are a plethora of talented individuals who have honed in on one aspect of online marketing, and they have sharpened their skill set and are great at what they do. This experienced person deserves every penny of an above average pay as well.

Now, lets consider a complete outsourced marketing management team at your disposal. Most may think, “we only budget xxx amount for this, we can’t afford an entire team.” – in actuality, you can. Have you ever heard the saying “3 heads are better than one”? It’s true. With more people you are able to get more things done, and faster. So imagine the possibilities when considering where you want to place that $30k/year budget you have for a marketing manager. Take the time and money to sift through candidates and add opportunity loss for time spent training and managing, or hire a group of professionals that have been doing these things for years and can complete your needs at a fraction of that $30k/year budget you have.  See, we have those great at what they do people, and we use them in the positions that they thrive in best. By breaking up and allocating tasks to team members, we are able to be sure your message/brand is cohesive across ALL mediums and we are able to provide much more content, growth, engagement and overall sustainment of your digital marketing.

Contact us and see why many companies in your position have chosen to go with an outsourced marketing solution from NMT rather than a full time in house new hire. (814) 808-7030

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